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I am a neuroscientist with experience in neuroimaging, computational modelling, translational neuroscience and some inferential statistics (mainly resampling and extremal statistics). I am also a clinical psychiatrist currently practicing in prison mental health (i.e. the mental health treatment of prisoners). I am the Editor-in-Chief of NeuroImage, a large (and high technical quality) journal for neuroimaging science (an Elsevier journal). Before that I was a senior editor for 6 years and a handling editor for about 4 years at NeuroImage. Until recently I was a Board Reviewing Editor for eLife and an associate editor for the Journal of Computational Neuroscience (Springer). Both were enjoyable but I had to step down to manage time due to the NeuroImage commitment. I am also an associate editor at PLoS ONE and in the past have been a guest editor for Journal of Neuroscience Methods, PLoS Computational Biology and Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience. I have been an ad hoc editor for PLoS Biology and PNAS. In total I have edited in some way (direct or sub-edited) about 7000 papers across a variety of academic, commercial and not-for-profit platforms. I am a past-treasurer of OHBM. I am the OHBM liaison for Aperture, a new open science publishing initiative of OHBM. I review about 50 papers annually and have reviewed for most major journals.

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